Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 


Why Project Cowbell and Lasso ?
July 2001, when meteors sonic boomed into the water off Long Island NY and Washington DC and hit a West Chester PA farm, reporter Leslie Stahl fervently demanded of the Director of the Hayden Planetarium, “How come we don’t know these things are coming?!” His reply, “We don’t, so duck.” Stahl’s reply, “ That’s it! -- That doesn’t sound very reassuring.” She noted a similar size hit onto Earth in January 2000 that weighed 400,000 pounds.  
It exploded over Tagish Lake in British Columbia north of Boeing’s old HQ with the force of 3,000 tons of dynamite at 20X the speed of a bullet.
Its 1,000 mile dust-cloud trail was watched for hours on ABC-TV.
The meteor’s sonic boom was heard into Alaska & the Yukon.
A Canadian scientist bagged samples from the atmospheric explosion over 4-square miles of Tagish Lake ice. The 4.6-billion year old rocks carried sulfuric building blocks of life’s nucleotides & amino acids.
Witnesses’ comments centered around two questions to leadership:
How come we never saw it coming? and How come we couldn’t stop it ! Let’s bell them and lasso them. This rare carbonaceous chondrite brought Life, like one long ago. -- Let’s not let another larger one take it away.
All surviving hominids in favor, say Alley Oop.
Or we can be distracted by Mr. Bin Laden’s escapades in NY, DC, & PA.

Projects Lookout, Look-in, & Lasso   
      Shown are 18 Picket Lines for the Inner 3 Planets for

600   Earth-Path Solar Orbit Helioscopes & Orbital Telescope Satellites in Network (EP-SHOTS-IN) and
300 Detector & Asteroid Deflector Systems (DADS).

These patrol picket lines for helioscopes looking in toward the sun to quickly find asteroids, and telescopes to track them after found, will cover the three main asteroid planes that intersect with Earth's Path, known as the Apollo, Aten, and Amor Asteroid Groups.  There will be a larger spherical grid around Sol built later.

Do DADS do the whole job unmanned? No, with the manned  highest grade of Asteroid Warning, Rapid Response, And Defense Systems (AWRRADS) we have minimum 3-weeks failsafe for existing yet unknown Earth-Path Crossers !
Mars orbit picket lines  would offer 3 to 7 more weeks reaction time to newcomers from the Asteroid Belt, and the cometary Kuipers Belt and Oort Cloud of disturbed Trans-Neptunian Objects that sling-shot around the sun and come right at us with no warning at all now.  This kind of a system buys time for us to react and begin deflection.  The later spherical grid will buy more weeks of warning and time for action.  

Project Lookout Eyes & Ears help our Survival
      600 Earth-Path Solar Helioscopes & Orbital Telescope Satellites In Network (EP-SHOTS-IN) each need a 3-meter lens to be effective. To keep unit cost down to ~$5-million each, there are several production solutions that look like these using monocular to quintocular wide lenses to cover an EP-SHOTS-IN station area:  Wide & Rotational

​​                Expensive                        Less So                                         Cheaper                                       Cheap & Effective
All EP-SHOTS-IN send their Charged Couple Device (CCD) digital data to several of 1,000 communications-relay EP-DIRMS micro-satellites.

 Robotic telescopes can aim together to track by triangulation when a streak of light is discovered. 2 other EP-SHOTS-IN by artificial intelligence will be alerted to rotate and focus to confirm a tracking course, improve resolution by interferometry, and report to Earth & STARCO.