Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

Acknowledgements and Those that Gave Input to this Framework of the Earth-Path Defense Fund

 Frances Brake Heisler, McDonnell-Douglas Board Member in Charge of Strategic Planning and Innovation, working with her nephew Brake "Brock" d'Avignon to create the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) with General Graham's High Frontier Foundation and candidate Ronald Reagan, to intercept ICBMs ultimately rendering them useless in bluffing the Soviets as to progress; and developing technologies for later intercepting high-speed asteroids.
        She advised Brock how to create a free-market asteroid defense consortium when he asked, much as she had decided to go to the Moon in 1953 using sponsors and participation of Howard Hughes, Walt Disney, Werner von Braun, and General Motor's Chief Engineer Kettering.  She reluctantly ceded her capitalist project to President Kennedy's space race to the Moon organizing Mercury and Gemini and Atlas rockets' teams of construction.
      She always believed in moral defense before offense, reflected in her concept designs for other fighter interceptors of the Tuskegee Airmen counter-attacking Nazi jets and rocketplanes that she flushed out of being prototypes into battle, by displaying her XP-67 first laminar jet airframe in media 10JAN1944 on roll-out. From WWII through the Cold War, she organized McDonnell from the time she was his first employee in 1940, and later the merger with Douglas.         She built Skylab space stations with outward missions for asteroid defense in mind, tried to keep them fueled in orbit longer. She built rapidly deployable Single Stage to Orbit spacecraft for secondary missions for defense of Earth. Her influence into Boeing merger years was notable far beyond her passing in 1984. She advocated rebuilding a space initiative around capitalist rocketry instead of the limitations of taxpayer support, the inept and 48x cost over-runs to support NASA goals, and avidly supported the beginnings of the Earth Path Defnse Fund (EPDF) and the Space Property-title & Asteroid Resources Consortium (StarCo).

Ron Wroblewski, PhD Statistical Mechanics Physics, is a co-founder of the EPDF and StarCo from 1984-. His computer modeling work for Arete included wind and waves, and training a team that made the special effects for the movies Titanic and  Waterworld. He worked on numerous classified projects for 15 years for Arete including keeping our submarines silent, and as sometimes its only profit center. Arete was sub-divided into 3 companies, all of which he was an originator of computer coding for. He holds Top Secret and Special Access to Programs (SAP) clearances for numerous projects for SAIC and later the US Navy Space Warfare Center. His advise, wisdom, and spotting non-governmental technologies has been valuable to this framework.   

Jerry Pournelle, PhD, Physicist, promoting ideas of: asteroid mining for “Survival In Style” versus earthbound dooms; Laser launchers; and steam inflating molten steel asteroids in his 1979 books A Step Farther Out, and Exiles to Glory, and Noahetic consequences of a Cometary Impact and civilization’s slow climb back in Lucifer’s Hammer (1980);

Larry Niven, for his next 1,000 years Known Space Series with Jerry Pournelle

Ron Jones, STS Mission Specialist and 1990 poster author “The Next 100 years of Space Missions” version 2 that included Asteroidal Wealth Missions & Colonization of Space, published by Brock d’Avignon with Ron Fink’s Athena Graphics

John S. Lewis, PhD., Astrophysical Chemical Engineering, and
Former Director of the Lunar & Planetary Institute, University of Arizona,
 from his cosmo-chemistry book Rain of Iron and Ice, and competitive free market-policy book Mining the Sky; who in 2017 is on the board of Deep Space Inc.

Tom Gehrels, PhD., Astronomer, for his books Asteroids I & II on the composition and path characteristics of all types of asteroids

Leik Myrabo, PhD., President Lightcraft Technologies, Inc, Laser Launched Supersonic Scramjet Spacecraft developer at White Sands, & retired professor from Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute in nuclear and wave particle engineering [email protected]
Contributions by Brock d’Avignon include: 1-molecule & 1-atom thick mirror faceted reflector under the fantail of a super-sonic scramjet L(ightcraft using hot air-fuel & CO2 fuel) , array of more easily coolable free-electron lasers, and giant spiral high-voltage capacitors for storing electricity (to dump into laser array from a nuclear reactor and magneto-hydro-dynamic generator).

Paul Janke PhD, Curator, Worldwide Museum of Natural History, author of the posters for sale: Correlated History of the Universe, and Correlated History of the Earth including the Galactic Orbit Theory of Extinctions caused by the Solar System traveling at ~55,000mph through gas arms of the galaxy, pushing asteroids and comets into collision paths with Earth. 353 hits correlated with major life extinctions are shown.

Aero Tech News & Review on:  
The USAF 18th Space Surveillance Squadron of orbital debris given the USAF Mission for Asteroid Defense that it has no tools to do;
Super-Plastics; Micro-Satellite’s Mustard-Seed Size Thrusters Program of TRW;
Atmospheric Molecular Water of Mars.
X-43 Supersonic Scramjet Engine/Airframe Experimental NASA Program; DARPA Cannon and Projectile with SSSJ engine to Space Program to confirm Myrabo experiments

Brian Marsden, Ph.D., dissenter to International Astronomical Union’s prohibition on the sale of asteroid naming rights to raise funds for asteroid tracking; former head of the Harvard Astrophysics Lab (HAL) Minor Planet Center in coordination with Brock d’Avignon and National Command Authority to cope with 2 possible asteroid impact situations. 

Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer and production staff of Armageddon

Paramount Studios’ Production of Deep Impact

Alarmists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Unmanned Spacecraft Center: Eleanor Helin, Gene & Carolyn Shoemaker, Don Yeomans, Paul Chodas, Jim Baalke & Steve Ostro, JPL Asteroid News on  versus the Calmists

In personal Request For Information (RFI) to Sir Charles Masefield, former test-pilot,
Group Marketing and Political Affairs Director, Vice Chair, President, BAE SYSTEMS to:
Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom;
Lem Opik, UK Member of Parliament, Asteroid Hunting Legislation, Spaceguard Centre and Comet & Asteroid Information Network (CAIN);
Sir Richard Evans, Chairman, BAE SYSTEMS;
Mike McDonnell, Marketing Director & ADDD Liaison to VP Engineering,
BAE SYSTEMS North America, Inc.;
Jim Scanlon, BAE SYSTEMS North America, Integrated Systems.
Sir Crispin Tickell and Lord Salisbury, Asteroid Danger Committee and Minister of Science

People who have received this information and acted upon some of it:
President George Bush, who received 1 of 2 in 10 recommendations by the Presidential Commission on the Future of Aerospace, & President of the Aerospace Industries Association Jon Douglass, care of Mojave HS student Daren Jobe in 2001, that became the president’s initiative Moon, Mars, & Beyond favoring the beyond option goals, minus comprehension of asteroid collateral value included in the final report.

Dick Cheney, 2000 Candidate, and later Vice President of the United States, asking brock d’Avignon personally to send him all information on asteroid danger and the British view. This was done throughout his administration, and occasionally care of Dr. Lynne Cheney on Asteroid 1998OX4 danger on Christmas Eve 2004, and a prior 2003 spiral orbit asteroid near miss.

Condoleeza Rice, National Security Advisor to the President, Secretary of State, acting on ADDD students’ info about Libyan Lutz Kayser Rocket ICBM and asteroid intercept and re-navigation capabilities 2001-

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Aerospace & Technology Committee,
Asteroid Danger Commission Hearings 1999.  Congressional set goals by 2010 for NASA and the Military to find all asteroids larger than one Kilometer; by 2016 NASA declared they had found 90%, however, astronomers with automated discoveries have been driving this estimate downward significantly.  

John Douglass, Presidential Commission on the Future of Aerospace,
& President of the Aerospace Industries Association (c/o student Darren Jobe);

Admiral Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1989.  Reset Defense Early Warning Radars DEW Line at his own initiative to long wave-length to search for two tandem asteroids on collison course with Earth, while the Soviet Union was collapsing;  and provided parallel processor computers at highest priority to Eleanor Helin, PhD at the request of Brock d'Avignon.  

Eleanor Helin, PhD, Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) JPL

Howard Hinman, SkyAid Defilibrator Hovercraft VTOL Rescue

David Brin, PhD, astrophysicist, dark comets author, screenplay writer; Resigned from NASA in protest of their halving the numbers of Earth-Path crossing asteroids.  

John Schaubrook, Australia-to-US Night-to-Day I-net Telescope-Link

Charles Barlow, USX Public Relations, former Geneva steel plant COO 1978. for his review of Brock d'Avignon's proposal, United Space Steel, and its effect on steel workers morale to purchase the Bessemer Plant as a research prototype for space steel production in its normal course of business.  

Stephen Zollweg, Ancient Documents and Science Historian

Greg Baker, Vice President, BOEING Defense Aircraft, later Aerotest; who proposed to Joe Alsbaugh, President of Boeing Space & Communications Division, how to make money off asteroid collateral now, and increase its value by Boeing’s declaration to go to one or more, that would create borrowable funds to pay for getting there. Alsbaugh, president George Bush’s campaign manager ignored it, to whom Baker called up one morning to caution, “Snooze, You Lose”.

Colonel Henebray, USAF Contracts, ret, member Federal Bar Assn; organized airborne, high-speed laser intercept of ICBMs, and its possible use against small meteors in discussion with Brock d'Avignon.  

Jim Mietus, Office of Management & Budget, Executive Branch, Science & Energy Advisor to numerous presidents through 2008 who cautioned d'Avignon against politicians' avarice for space resources’ value.

President Barack Obama, 2008 ignored and in 2012 acted upon a  Transition Teams Accepted Proposal submitted by students, led by Brock d'Avignon, for a Planetary Asteroid Defense Office (PADO) and spaceweather screen in the Situation Room with a single primary reporting point (a fax machine in a broom closet if nothing else) for the president to know about possible impacts (and any preventative action possible, ahem). This   resulted in the President's May 2012 order to NASA Director Goldin to create a Planetary Defense Office (PDO) over his objections to which he was threatened to be fired if he didn’t do it. The PADO is to coordinate all asteroid related activities throughout the government. Other than worthless missions to large known surveyed asteroids Ceres & Vesta, and a comet impactor, nothing else has been done. NASA’s budget is always spent 5-years in advance.

People who received these ADDD summaries without direct known action:
Karl Rove, Special Advisor to the President
General Jones, CO EURCOM, former Commandant of the Marine Corps; 2000 proposal by USMC Congressional Liaison Major Mike Walker and Pentagon Space Plans Action Officer Major Gayle for Space Marines for manned space point defense operations. The USAF got the mission with which it has done nothing as Project Raven can barely see orbital space debris unless it borrows scopes from academia like to see Space shuttle tiles missing from Senator john Glenn’s Space Shuttle, yet never looks beyond orbit since 2000 other-unwise.

Dr. Anthony Tether, Director of DARPA, in regard to robotic vehicles to which he brought attention to the Science Committee for the U.S. Congress.

General Simon Worden PhD Astrophysics, USAF ret, US Space Command; retired NASA Ames Center Asteroid Defense Mission; received both ADDD and quantification of Antarctica hit of a small house -sized asteroid and global 5-billion deaths consequences. He is an advocate of finding small asteroids.

General Myers, Admiral Mullen, Chairmen, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Unified Command Plan, Quadrennial Military Review and 2001 Review with proposal for a Planetary Asteroid Defense Command PADCOM addendum. An Administrative Service District (ASD) for the US government of a “Space Czar” resulted for coordination of all asteroid defense measures. Nothing has been done.

Arthur Kantrowitz, PhD, Physicist, Textron AVCO Everett Labs Director,
Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic powered Laser-Launchers, Dartmouth College

Special thanks to students of Brock d’Avignon at:
Bear Valley Private School
Desert Sands Charter High School independent study students
Mojave High School and Aerospace Engineering Academy 2001-2002 
Chemistry, Physical, English 9/10, Earth & Space Sciences 1997 & 2001;
Palmdale High School
Construction Technologies I & II, CAD Drafting I & II, 2000
for Projects Cowbell & Lasso;
Rosamond High School in Agricultural Science, Biology, and Physics;
Watsonville High School in Economics 1999; and my
Juniper Intermediate Discovery Technology Lab & Sage Planetarium
for pioneering other side of Earth telescope links via the Internet;
Colonel Justin Loucks, USAF Retired, designer of Air Force One and three 747 National Command Platforms.  He offered input to students via d'Avignon for a system for notifying the President of space dangers, and robotic systems.  
Julia Brake, my mother, for encouraging Human Investments;
Robert d’Avignon, my father, for an interest in Humanity;
along with some of the finest minds on Earth today:

Special Thanks to Melinda Pillsbury-Foster for bringing the message of the EPDF and StarCo to the Internet, her advise on content, free-market concepts, and being webmaster encouraging interactivity and participation by all who hear of this framework.