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News on Asteroid Preparedness

From:   NewsMax

NASA Passes on Asteroid-Detecting Telescope Program
By Jason Devaney   |   Monday, 16 Jan 2017 04:31 PM

(AP Photo/NASA)

(AP Photo/NASA)

A high-telescope program that could have pinpointed the locations of thousands of asteroids orbiting near the Earth was recently rejected by NASA, the third time the mission has been shot down.

According to Business Insider, the Near-Earth Objects Camera (NEOCam) has the ability to find rocks in space as small as 140 meters in diameter. The program was partially funded for a year, but America's space agency did not commit to going at the program full speed.

There is worry a sizable asteroid could someday strike Earth and, in the worst-case scenario, destroy a city or more. The planet is pockmarked with old craters caused by asteroids, meteorites, and other space particles. MORE