Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

Governmental Deflection Efforts

          There has been a striking consistency with all efforts for Detection and Deflection undertaken by most governments, with a very few exceptions.  We record these efforts, which we followed with attention, as a study in the efficacy of programs lacking the enforced need to show a profit and a working program or solution.  
          Safety for Earth, linked with property title and rewards for asteroid detection and deflection and development solves this problem handily.  The people who have tried to work through government have suffered continuous disappointment and frustration. We have a solution which, at the same time, makes every person born before 2020 a share in our Solar System's moons.  The title program opens up asteroid and comet detection for a share of the profits to anyone who wants to participate to alleviate this clear and present danger.   
              We invite anyone frustrated with the status quo to join us, both for a personal return for time spent identifying and tracking and to avert the danger of a deadly asteroid strike on the Earth.  
        A handful of billionares are interested in mining these resources but only two governments, the US Congress and the Legislature of Luxembourg have legitimized property ownership of produces mined in accord with the Moon and Celestial Bodies Treaty that omits reference to private property while prohibiting government claims of property.  There are many people involved and tasks that need to be rewarded which cannot in the absence of people who champion incentives for discovery and deflection.  
                Govenments becoming interested in sezing these assets for redistrubution through them and continuing to take money from taxpayers to accumulate large government budgets while failing to provide the moset basic function of government, which they assert is defense, have shown their incompetence and failure with the concept of governing.  Therefore, people who are not billionaires can give thoughtful attention to how tasks can be rewarded and wealth retained by all individuals who participate or are breathing by 2020.  The initiative requires simply popular agreement for these rewards to individuals and participants for solving the problems which accompany our move into space.  

The United Kingdom & ADDD:
        The UK’s new International Spaceguard Information Center in Wales was dedicated Sept 2001 by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, the  Guinness record holder for hosting the                                                   most TV shows on astronomy.

  Member of Parliament Lem Opek introduced legislation for ~US$90-million for asteroid-hunting & new telescopes. This failed in Parliament except for L300,000 for a Comet & Asteroid Information Network (CAIN) seen as a welcome mat for world leaders and the public to meet the threat. CAIN will be located at the Science Ministry in Leicester, managed by Spaceguard, and will fund 2 Canary Island track-verifying scopes. The Australian telescope site recommended by the UK Near-Earth Object (NEO) Task Force has gained a new impetus in 2002.  
Pictured from left are the Center’s Jay  Tate, MP Lembit Opek, Spaceguard’s Dr. Duncan Steel, & Dr. David William, member of the NEO Task Force with Minister of Science Lord Sainsbury and Sir Crispin Tickell.-- Irish-Estonian astronomer, E.J. Opek, has just had Solar  System Object #10,502 named in honor of his  work at the 200-year old Armaugh Observatory by Dr. Eleanor Helin of the US JPL Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) Program.

Sir Charles Masefield, then Vice-Chairman of BAE SYSTEMS, the second largest Aerospace firm in the world, saw 200 power point panels by Brock d'Avignon and a group of his students on ADDD technologies and recommended policies, placing the small island of England to face a 1,000 foot tidal wave in an astroidal splash with the caption, "Ooops, there goes England."  

He was aware of the comet calving over New England, hoping the Americans would declare War On Rocks (WOR), and said, having the CD of solutions in hand, "Now I can scare some people into action."  He rousted up the equivilent of $6-Million US dollars for the Comet and Asteroid Information Network (CAIN).  That money has never been replenished since 2002, although there is computer storage capability for a completely volunteer effort out of Wales through the SpaceGuard Centre.  

Space Guard is also the most extensive world-wide network which might have as many as 300 telescopes scanning the sky on any given night looking for asteroids.  This is a good effort but it is 1/20,000th of what sky coverage ought to be, and will be with a rewards-based system, the Earth-Path Defense Fund advocates.  Join us.     

Score between 2000 and 2013:
Actually, there were: 
Between 2000 and 2013, the nuclear war sensors, that look like an octopus on the ground, detected 26 explosions on Earth ranging in energy from one to 600 kilotonnes - but these were not caused by nuclear explosions, but rather by asteroid impacts.
To put the explosions in perspective, the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945 exploded with an energy impact of 15 kilotonnes.
While most of these asteroids exploded too high in the atmosphere to do serious damage on the ground, the evidence is important in estimating the frequency of a potential “city-killer-size” asteroid.
These sensors are calibrated every day by meteor hits.  

We have been surprised with impacts twice by larger NEO on two nuclear powers:  
USA (NASA and JPL, Unmanned Space Center  at Cal Tech: 
Near Earth Asteroid Rendevous (NEAR)   There have been three missions of note:
NEAR landing on Eros, 1 Comet Impacter, Flybys of Ceres and Vesta with landing option

24 July 2001 6:15pm - A comet calved into three pieces over the East Coast of the US. One piece melted down to off-shore Long Island, NY; One piece hit East of Washington DC off Delaware; One piece exploded with the force of 10 tons of dynamite over Pennsylvania, breaking windows for 10 miles in radius. Estimated size was less than 200 lbs. for the calved comet.  
ARTICLE CNN:   Falling object lights up sky in eastern U.S.
This was six weeks before 9/11/2001.  The commodity brokers who died in the World Trade Center would tell you the potential for destruction and death was far higher for the comet hit than for the damage done to the World Trade Center.  We started the wrong war.  

15 February 2013  09:20 YEKT, with a speed of 19.16 ± 0.15 kilometres per second.
Meteor:  Size of a basketball
In Russia, Chelyabinsk, a rock meteor, injured many people and landed in a lake outside of town.   The long shallow path over Russia set off nuclear defense preparedness conditions.  

Property damage: Over 7,200 damaged buildings, collapsed factory roof, shattered windows.