Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

Development:  Habitation, Production & Tourism
ColonizationTechnologies will even bring you MallWorld
safely protecting you from cosmic ray-induced cancer or egg mutations behind an 8-Foot Nickel-Iron Steel wall shell.
Footnote: Governments currently give a heroes' medals to astronauts who have been in a tin-can 177 days.   Credit to Jerry Pournelle, PhD, Physics, for his advocacy for this idea useful for colonization or for breaking up an asteroid at the last moment in defense of Eath. Brock d'Avignon used Pournelle's idea which appears in his book, "A Step Farther Out," 1979, and Dr. Eleanor Helin's 1989 Tandem Asteroid Impact Problem With Admiral Crowe, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposal for the 1991 screen synopsis by Stephen Cervantes and Brock d'Avignon, which inspired Armageddon and Sudden Impact.

Directions and Technologies for Development
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Bigalow technology for Space Habitation - Read ARTICLE IEEE Spectrum:  Bigelow Space Habitat on Its Way to ISS as NASA Prepares to Blow It Up