Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

The Hazards of Asteroids and Comets

More on the history

Hunting asteroids from your backyard

Asteroid Detection Goals
It is necessary for us to find and track asteroids and comets far enough out so that we can deflect them from impacting on the Earth.  Our knowlledge of the factors which change orbit and trajectory  continue to grow - which leads to the need to remember we do not know everything.  The most reliable and thorough approach is to design a system which makes watching for asteroids profitable.  This moves a hobby into a part time profession and encourages many more people to participate, using their own time and resources.    

A half million eyes trained on the sky trump a handful of professionals.  

1A: Project Lookout! and Project Look-in!
    Telescopes and Silhouetting Asteroids against the Sun by Helioscopes 
     Find ~1,202,600 Earth-Path Crosser Asteroids and dark black, carbon-covered, Comet-Cores, all statistically present, but unaccounted for.  As of 2017 only 16,652 have been found.  Not even 1% have been located, despite what you may hear from NASA. Do the math. 
1B Locate ~2,600 metallic & comet-core 

    Armageddon Class IV Mankind-Killers - An extinction level event (ELE), for humanity.  
      NASA, with academic help, Space Guard Surveys and amateur astronimers, and the dedication of just 1% of all large telescopes on Earth, asserted in 2001 it would locate all Human-Killers (>0.6 miles in diameter, or 1km).   As of 2017 NASA says it has found 85 - 90% of them.   The goal was mandated by Congress to be completed in 2010.  Its not, and its not good enough.   
       These are the easy ones to find.  General Simon Worden, former  CO, US Space Command, currently director of NASA AMES with the Asteroid Defense Mission, has said for three decades,  "It is the smaller asteroids you can't see that will kill you." 

1C Calculate ballistic paths of 400,000  Class III Civilization-Enders > 0.2 miles in diameter Astronomers think a hunt at this danger size would be wise as finding the larger ones, but we don’t have the tools - yet.  But we have the specs.  


1D Detect ~800,000 Class II City-Busters <100 feet while creating astro[eco]nomics. An asteroid the size of a large house hitting Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, causing it to float out to sea as the size of ​Texas, will cause the Earth to wobble, setting off every earthquake fault and volcano on Earth. 5-billion people will die in the resulting long winter. Do you want to trust politicians whose horizon for action is two or four years to take effective action? Politicians can't even figure out in decades that the Earth has an elliptical orbit that oscillates around the Sun; causing at present the winters and summers to be closer, and springs & falls farther out to cause weather extremes in Milankovitch Cycles discovered in 1939. Look up and live.  

Project Lookout!  Mission Goals:

1E  Re-discover hundreds of lost Earth-Path Crossers
     Hermes, a 6-mile diameter Class IV Species-Ender, lost in 1937,  was just re-discovered.
      A 6-mile diameter asteroid killed 70% of all Life including the dinosaurs; 200-million years prior, 90% of all Life was rendered extinct by one a bit larger.  
1F  Real-time Interval Track recent near-miss asteroids
         like 15-mile diameter Betulia for potential collisions. Gravity slingshots vary courses x3, significant the bigger the spacerock; solar wind varies courses at x2 for small asteroids, making each next orbit abberate slightly or up to 14% chaotic. Tracking data on paths by all institutions are 1-time projections without variables, except collision. With more than $0.5M, and more staff; then complete calculations for projections of danger, is possible.  

                The white triangles represent solely helioscopes, the blue hour-class shapes represent both helioscopes looking in, and telescopes looking  out with the same communications relay across the Solar System encompassing spherical network. 

1G  Identify all 200-million asteroids plus 2-billion comets.
      Forward-chart Spacelane Traffic Control & property rights for the next 200 years.
Identify elliptical orbit collision-paths with anything, especially our circular route.

This is the new space race with reality. We live in a tough neighborhood.