Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Space - The Final Frontier
           First, we secured our homeworld.
                                         Then, all of space was open to us. 

Property Rights Ownership Incentives for Re-Navigating Asteroids
Ownership and Responsible Liability Merge

Other Space-faring nations and companies may have to reach the asteroids quickly, the only capabilities that presently exist are Chinese double-stacking, Long March rockets, Double-Stacking Japanese H-2 Rockets, the American Northrop-Grumman Strata-Launch Carrier Aircraft with Double-Stacking Space-X Falcon-9 Rockets, and Kayser Bundled Asparagus Rockets.  Manned or Unmanned AWRRADS need to already be in space and deep space, to be effective.  

Deflection Updates

Government Report