Earth Path Defense 

Protection for Earth & Humanity as Human Horizons Rise

Protecting the Earth Path is essential to humanity's survival.  
Read below - more than survival is at risk. 


Below are our goals to ensure early detection of Asteroids & Comets

It is essential to know if a system will fail. All evidence tells us 

government is not able to carry out this life or death mission. 

Our Presider, Brock d'Avignon is asking you to raise your eyes to
the sky, both to defend Earth, our home, and to help create
a peace which gives freedom to all of us.

Why Government 'Suddenly Noticed' the Danger from Asteroids and Comets

    The Earth Path Defense Fund (EPDF) believes that neither government welfare scientists nor military have the motivation, the clear mission, nor funding, to protect Earth.  The failure of this paradigm is obvious.  Trusting governing is foolish, instead of recognizing incentive-based earned property rights-to-title percentages: 6% for discovery, 3% for co-discovery, 6% for assaying from ground or space, 9% for beaconing (Project Cowbell), 15% for assuming the responsibility for re-navigating, and the balance of property rights to either mining or habitat.  See   the  EPDF Plan for activating millions of people and $353-billion capital for the defense of the Earth, without allowing politicians to control an asset they finally realized is worth $1,000 Trillion, minimum right now.  Now, they want to force taxpayers to pay, while they collect the wealth presented by mining asteroids.    

        This is posted on the United Nations Declaration of the First International Asteroid Day.  Our plan is based on 15 years of research, depth of thought and a determination to see this asset enrich this, and the next generation. The EPDF plan will allow astro-economics to pay off re-distributionists' debt, and ensure every individual of humanity receives their due share.  We reject the collectivist dictators' notion of the 'common heritage of humankind,' in oceans or space.  The words are deceptive, and intentionally so.  

        What they are actually saying is that they should be enriched in power, and we, the people who pay their salaries, should continue to pay their salaries, while they reap the profits to themselves.  Below is the story which finally caught their attention a few months ago:   

        In 2016, the head of the European Space Agency resigned his  200,000 EURO per year job to become the head of the Luxembourg Space Resources Bank.   When reporters asked him why he would do such a crazy thing, he replied, "Just this month a 7-Trillion EURO platinum asteroid just missed Earth.  I intend to get a piece of the action.  Who is crazy now?"

       Luxembourg's legislature is recognizing the bankable assets of asteroids, the US Congress just passed a law stating, "If you get there and mine it, it is yours."  Both of these billionaire lobbied efforts, with shallow thought, ignored the issue of danger, externalizing this cost to us, just like the oil companies.  They take our free volunteer labor and taxes for granted, while they evade contributing either and neglect liability.    The EPDF will take into account incentives the many other people required for Asteroid Detection Detection, Deflection, and Development (ADDD) to occur.  

A $7 Trillion Asteroid, our EPDF Collateral Merchant Banker, discounted 25 years ago, an asteroid mine, playing hard to get, at 1/10,000th of a penny. Today, because of academic and government intercepting asteroids several times, the severe discount has been reduced to 1/ 10,000th of a $1.  That asteroid discovery would be worth $700,000,000 which can fit into the world current banking structure.  If you divide that $700,000,000 for who paid for the telescope, who looked through the telescope, and for each other task for ADDD, a reasonable share goes to several people, if they choose to sell their share now.  If they keep it the value will appreciate to $7-Trillion by going there.  To borrow the money to go there requires collateral, which goes up in value when you declare you are going to aspecific asteroid.  But you must take into account each individual who contributed the work necesary for the asteroid to be found, mined, and its contents sold.  The EPDF will see that this occurs.

Now, you understand what is at stake.  
Read through this site, Detection , Deflection , Development and Title Rights .  Then, if you agree, join the Earth-Path Defense Fund in volitional action genuinely for all Humankind.

                                                              Humanity, and the Earth, Need You.

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